Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

An Eternal Love Special Project

Our Mission: To fulfill essential needs, bringing practical life-changing improvement & assist in the quality of life for the underprivileged by amplifying human lives, and preventing & alleviating suffering in the face of an emergency at a critical time.
Beat the Heat logo, an Eternal Love program

This project began when our eco-system reached temperatures with scorching weather exceeding Coachella Valley’s normal high temperatures. 

The Founder of Eternal Love is no stranger to how heat can affect you when you are under it for long periods of time. He is an electrician by trade and spends long hours working under the hot sun. During this time, he developed an empathy for others that not only live in this heat, but work in it. He is also a tremendous “Animal Lover” partial to dogs since he too is a dog owner. And, in observing the need for water in individuals, he simultaneously thought of their pets as well. 

So, together with his three children he would spontaneously hand out water and ice to individuals or animals in need. Often times, he and his children would run behind Post Office workers while delivering mail, UPS, FedEx workers and any other individual they would see in passing serving the community in the excruciating heat. 

In conjunction with assisting blue collar workers, he also has a heart towards derelict (homeless) individuals. While going to the grocery store, getting gas or doing normal daily errands, he would stop along the way and buy ice and water for derelict individuals he saw and their pets. 

Never feeling that there was a time and place for this desire to “help” he has been know to stop eating on the Strip in Palm Springs to run from his table if he saw a derelict individual hot just to give them a cup of water or ice straight from his table. 

He never did it for selfish gain but for self-fulfillment, to assist and put a smile on someone’s face letting them know “somebody” cared. 

With this desire to “help” those in need Eternal Love’s 1st project was born - “Beat the Heat”. 

Because the founders of Beat the Heat are “Believers” in God, we also would like to offer those who we service with physical water we would also provide a 24 hot-line to those individuals to call in for prayer. 1 (888) 875–PRAY (7729). 
"Often times, the Founder and his children would run behind Post Office, UPS, and FedEx workers while delivering mail and packages in the community in the excruciating heat providing them with water."
Beat the Heat logo, an Eternal Love program

What does Beat the Heat Need?

Water & Ice

Studies show that the first thing a person or animal needs to beat the heat is water. The heat is hard on our bodies and moods. This project will bring nourishment and hydration. It is very important to stay hydrated and drinking enough water becomes even more important. As the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says: Our body is like an air conditioner. Our antifreeze is H2O.

Eternal Love currently has in production a pallet of 20 oz. water bottles being produced to be distributed to derelict individuals and their pets. With a distribution goal based on production for Winter 2021.  This act of kindness not only will stimulate the body but the mind with joy and gladness when it is received.
When there is a need to quench thirst derelict individuals and their pets sometimes do not have the basic utensils to even receive a cup of ice and/or drink of water. Eternal Love currently has in production 1000 cups to hold ice and water for individuals and 1000 bowls for their pets. With a distribution goal based on production for Winter 2021.
We learned from CDC about our body being an air conditioner. It’s important to minimize sweat. Many of us sweat due to humidity and it gets worse as temperatures increase. Water is not our only option to staying hydrated. Cooling systems or gadgets can also be beneficial to staying hydrated. With the skills the founder has in the electrical field his innovative idea is to provide a Soft Solar Panel at the bottom of each fan so the individual does not have to concern themselves with recharging.  Eternal Love currently has in production 1000 handheld solar mist fans.

Providing water, ice, utensils and gadgets is just a small way to beat the heat. Eternal Love’s long-term goal is to have cooling stations in every city within Coachella Valley by 2023. (Desert Hot Springs, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Indio, Coachella & Bermuda Dunes).  If someone is stuck in the heat and can’t find a place to get cool there should be one provided at not cost. It would assist in one’s body cooling down much quicker than water or ice. 

Eternal Love is currently seeking out locations. 

Beat the Heat logo, an Eternal Love program